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Two Vail Workshops!
Special 1-day class
Vail, CO
Mon, Apr 22 '19
Lead instructor: Til Luchau

Learn advanced myofascial techniques that dramatically improve your ability to work with both axial and appendicular sciatica, including pseudo-sciatica and disc-related sciatic pain; hamstring syndrome, piriformis syndrome; and more.

Completion of this course together with our "Pelvis, Hip, & Sacrum" or our "Spine & Low Back" course (via seminar or DVD) is recommended (though not required). Sign up for the companion courses, or order the DVDs at a discount during your registration.

Register Online now! Early-bird discount if registered by Mar 21, '19

©Primal Pictures, used by permission.
NEW 1-day class
Vail, CO
Tue, Apr 23 '19
Lead instructor: Til Luchau

Most clients come to us because of pain, and usually, hands-on work helps. But what about when it doesn’t?

Pain can be complex: it has many types and causes, many ways it responds, and there are many approaches to working with pain, each with adherents and detractors. Join Til Luchau for a special 1-day practicum on topics such as:

-Recognizing types of pain: nociceptive, neuropathic, and others
-Pain, inflammatory responses, and the neuroimmune system
-Applying biopsychosocial principles to manual therapy
-Tracking autonomic responses to hands-on work
-Implications of placebo and nocebo research
-Is pain in the tissues, or the brain?
-Scope of practice, referring, etc.

Limited to trained practitioners and advanced students of hands-on body therapies (for example, bodyworkers, physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, structural integration practitioners, chiropractors, neuromuscular therapists, craniosacral and other somatic practitioners). Students of these disciplines with hands-on professional training and/or instructor approval may also be accepted.

Register Online now! Early-bird discount if registered by Mar 21, '19.

Upcoming Live Workshops:

Special 1-day course
Vail, CO
Apr 22 , '19

NEW 1-day course
Vail, CO
Apr 23 , '19

Special 1-day course
Boulder, CO
Sep 20 , '19

Parts I & II
Boulder, CO
Sep 21 - 22, '19

Approved for 3 units: NCBTMB/AMTA/ABMP/CAMT/State Credit
Recorded 1 hour Online Courses with Til Luchau
Watch Free, or add a CE Certificate
$12-$15 On Sale (usually $29)
Watch these Hands-On, Ethics, or Body/Mind Online Courses for free,
or purchase the on-sale "For Credit" option and receive:

          • Certificate of Achievement
          • 1 CE Credit (NCBTMB, FL, NY, AAMT, AMT, ABMP, AMTA, State, CAMT, etc)
          • Extended slideshow and Mini-Manual pdf
          • Text transcription of webinar
          • MP3 download (for phone or tablet)
          • Student discounts on other webinars, DVDs, etc.
Description: Join Til Luchau in engaging and practical 1-hour recorded webinars as he presents ways to address common client complaints. Drawing from's popular Advanced Myofascial Techniques seminars and his regular "Myofascial Techniques" column in Massage & Bodywork magazine, Til Luchau shares valuable tips, clear concepts, and spectacular 3D animations (thanks to Primal Pictures). You'll gain a clear framework for working with the webinar's topic, as well as practical tips and specific suggestions for hands-on approaches that can be incorporated into your existing work right away.

Certificate/CE credit: Watch the free 1-hr recorded webinar presentation, then complete a brief online quiz and documentation to receive a Certificate of Achievement. Approved for 1 CE credit by the NCBTMB, AMTA, ABMP, and many state boards. Also earns 1 CAMT elective CE towards Certification in Advanced Myofascial Techniques (CAMT).

Many webinars originally hosted by the ABMP. Anatomy images © Primal Pictures, used by permission.

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